Safety and compliance training solutions

We offer a competitive portfolio of solutions designed to enhance your brand reputation, improve business performance and best practice.
Workplace safety. Best practice for your business 
Ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, customers and visitors to your premises. The CIEH is recognised by businesses and employees as the benchmark in health, safety and environmental qualifications.  
We assist employers like you to comply with legal requirements and best practice while offering employees fit for purpose training. Our portfolio includes Food Safety, Health and Safety, Fire Safety, First Aid, Licensing, Environmental Protection, Education and Training.  
Expertise in learning and industry experience to make a difference 
We have considerable experience in providing training solutions to meet business goals and match outcomes to objectives. We work with a variety of different industry sectors and our subject experts can tailor our training solutions to your organisation’s needs. We work in a number of different industries including Hospitality, Care, Leisure, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and more.
We have certificated over 10 million students in 50 countries.

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